Analyzing Rage Clicks

Rage Clicks identify moments of frustration by users, usually caused by excessive clicking in areas without triggering any UI changes. Common points of user rage include clicking on dead links (text that looks like a link but isn’t), clicking on images hoping to enlarge them (unsuccessfully) and other points of UI confusion. 

Here’s an example of what rage clicks look like:


To see if a session has rage clicks, simply check "Session has rage clicks" under Session Attributes in the Session Recordings page.

Here is a picture of what the filtration would look like:

Using Inspectlet's tagging function, you can go to the exact moment in the session where the user exhibited the rage clicking behavior. To watch where the rage click happens, please follow the directions below: 

  1. Filter sessions that have rage clicks.
  2. Click on any session.
  3. Open the sidebar.
  4. Under Session Tags, click "Rage Click".

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