Overriding CSS Location for Playback in Inspectlet

By default, Inspectlet caches your CSS files and loads those during session playback and heatmap rendering to preserve your site's styling exactly as it was at the time it was experienced by your visitors. However, if you've disabled our CSS bot from caching your CSS, Inspectlet will load your CSS files directly from your site.

If during session playback in Inspectlet you'd like to load your CSS from a different URL, you can do so by adding the inspectlet-href attribute to your CSS LINK tag like so:

<link href="http://www.example.com/style.css" rel="stylesheet"
inspectlet-href="http://www.differentsite.com/path/style.css" />

In the above example, visitors to your site will see the original CSS file at http://www.example.com/style.css but Inspectlet's session playback will load your CSS from http://www.differentsite.com/path/style.css.