Using Inspectlet With RequireJS

Inspectlet can be used with RequireJS web apps by creating an Inspectlet module for RequireJS.

Once the module has been created, please include it in your config:

'inspectlet': 'apps/inspectlet/inspectlet',  

and add Inspectlet in your dependencies as well:

deps: ['main', 'inspectlet'],  

 so that Inspectlet loads before any other dependencies and avoids conflicts. Your final config file should look something like this.

Check if it it's installed correctly

To debug whether Inspectlet is installed and functioning correctly, append ?inspectlet_diagnostics=true to your website URL to bring up the diagnostics console.

If you're having issues with Inspectlet up and running on your site please send us an email at and we'd be happy to help you get started!