Fill Report

The Fill Report tells you how often people are filling out that input field. An average fill rate of:

  • 0x: no one filled out this input, this field tends to be left blank
  • 0.5x: half of the visitors fill out this input, half of them leave it blank.
  • 1x: most visitors filled out this input field once
  • 3x: visitors on average filled out that input 3 times, once the first and time and then changed their answer twice.

Please note that these numbers are calculated out of the people that engaged with the form, not out of the total number of people that saw the form. This is to make sure the fill report provides more data than simply the conversion rate of your form, since the conversion rate would drown out the signal for this report.

A visitor might change their answer due to confusion, form validation errors, or many other reasons. This report can indicate issues with an input field such as: confusion about the meaning of an input, form validation errors occuring often, visitors not encouraged to fill out the whole form, or visitors not wanting to provide the information asked for.