Form Conversion Report

The Conversion Report lets you guage how effective your form is at converting inbound visitors. The funnel in the Conversion Report represents how many visitors make it to the next stage of conversion. 

Visitors Landed on Form

The first step in the funnel is the number of visitors that landed on the form. This number represents the total amount of people that saw the form and serves as a baseline for the rest of the funnel steps.

Visitors Interacted with Form

The next step in the funnel shows you how many visitors interacted with the form out of the visitors that saw your page.

An interaction with the form would be constituted by engaging with any of the input fields in the form (attempting to fill them out, focusing them, or any other action). This funnel step tells you how many people made some effort to fill out this form, but weren't able to make it through to the next step (a successful conversion).

We recommend looking at this segment of your visitors very closely, because the people that made it to this step but not to the next have displayed interest in the form but due to confusion, form validation errors, or other reasons, they decided not to go any further.

Visitors Converted Successfully

This number represents the visitors that successfully converted through the form by completing every stage of the funnel.