Change Page URL

This method lets you modify the URL that Inspectlet saves for the current page.

For example, you may want to change the URL to in Inspectlet's perspective, so that you can easily identify and aggregate profile pages for heatmaps. This can be done like so:

__insp.push(['pageUrl', ""]);

The above line of code needs to be in place before Inspectlet fully initializes, so please place this line in the same block as the main Inspectlet JS code. For example, the changeUrl line can be placed above your website identifier from the main Inspectlet JS(__insp.push(["wid", ...])).

Please note: changing the Page URL should not be confused with Virtual Pageviews. For example, if you're on /foo and change the page URL to /bar, the end result will be that Inspectlet will have a session with one pageview: /bar. If you're on /foo and perform a virtual pageview, Inspectlet will have a session with two pageviews: /foo,/bar. Changing the page URL lets you modify what Inspectlet is seeing for the current pageview, while the Virtual Pageview API triggers an entirely new pageview within Inspectlet.