Excluding Sensitive Data

We take personal information and data privacy very seriously. Any data marked as sensitive is excluded from recording, therefore data entered by the user or certain HTML content present on the page is blocked from being transmitted to our servers. You can mark both input fields (like the credit card inputs on a checkout form) and HTML content (like a tax report in a DIV or TABLE) on your page as sensitive either by adding the id/class name of an element to your excluded data site setting (see below), or by adding the inspectletIgnore or inspectlet-sensitive, or other self-defined class on an HTML element in your code.

Excluded Data Setting

This site setting lets you to add a comma seperated list of HTML IDs/classes that Inspectlet should exclude from data collection. By default, .inspectletIgnore and .inspectlet-sensitive are included, but you can add more rules to identify existing elements on your pages.

Matching input fields and HTML containers will have their text/content excluded from data collection and not be transmitted to Inspectlet servers.

Excluding Input Fields

Excluded input fields will have their text content, keypresses, and values blocked from recording.

You can mark an input field as sensitive by adding its ID/class to the excluded data list (above), or by adding a sensitive class to the element in your code.

To mark an input field to be excluded in the code, for example, the following credit card input field is tagged as sensitive and any text entered in it will not be recorded:

<input type="text" class="inspectletIgnore" name="ccnumber" />

Please note that nothing is needed for password fields, Inspectlet ignores those automatically.

Excluding HTML Content on the Page

You may want to sometimes block recording of certain information on the page, you can mark that HTML content as sensitive by adding its ID/class to the excluded data list (above), or by adding a sensitive class to the element in your code whose content and children you want excluded from recording. Inspectlet will not transmit any text inside these containers or any of their children.

To mark a div with the class of "tax-data" as sensitive in your code:

<div class="tax-data inspectlet-sensitive">

Censoring All Input Fields on All Pages

If you'd just like to get up and running quickly, you can instead enable the site-wide setting that censors all input fields on all pages:

Please note that this is probably far more restrictive than necessary and will make your data less useful, it's worth disabling this option and tagging only specific input fields that need to be censored as described above.