Adding Forms

Most of the time you won't have to do anything to enable form analytics. Inspectlet will automatically detect forms and track their performance if the form element has an ID or a name attribute, which tends to cover 99% of forms.

 If you don't see a form in your reports, please make sure the form has an ID or a name attribute, and the attribute is not aspnetForm, since this is not a unique identifier. In rare cases if your form can't have an ID or a name attribute on it for legacy reasons, you can also use the attribute inspectlet-form-analytics="formnamehere".

Input fields in your form also need an ID or name attribute, but since having a name is also a browser requirement to be able to send data to your website, this shouldn't be an issue. In case you'd like to give the input a name just for Inspectlet, you can also use the insp-form-input-id="inputname" attribute.

If for any reason you'd like to disable form analytics on a specific form on your site, please add the class  inspnoformanalytics to the form element and Inspectlet will ignore that form for form analytics.