Event Alerting and Notifications

Inspectlet now supports real-time notifications for all incoming events like new session recorded, a user purchase event, problems encountered by visitors like errors and form validation issues, and any other custom business logic.

Notifications can be received on Email, Slack, or HTTP Webhooks to enable customer behavior. You can trigger notifications for new session recordings that optionally hit a particular landing page URL substring, or on incoming events in realtime when a session gets tagged with a particular tag. 

Notifications on New Sessions

You can use Notifications to alert you when a new session recording is made for a particular section of your site (defined by a landing page URL substring match).

Use Case: Notify Me on New Sessions Recordings for /portal

If you want a notification when someone visits your web app portal, you can set up new session notifications to send when the URL substring “/portal” is visited like so: 

Notifications on Events

Notifications can be set up to alert you when a particular tag event is triggered on a session, like a purchase, error, user event like product subscription, etc. You can choose to be notified when a specific key/value tag pair is set, or just when a specific tag key is set.

Use Case: Notify Me When user@acme.com logs in on my website.

To be notified when a specific user logs in for example, pass in a tag that sets userEmail=user@acme.com. Then you can set up a notification to send when the key/value pair is found like this: 

Use Case: Notify Me When anyone logs in on my website.

You can similarly set up Notifications to alert you when anyone logs into your website like this:

In this tag notification, we are choosing to be alerted whenever a session is tagged with userEmail, regardless of the value of that key. This will send us an alert whenever a userEmail is set, whether it be john@acme.com or rachit@inspectlet.com.

Use Case: Notify Me When “GoldEarrings” are Purchased On My E-Commerce Site

To receive a product purchase notification, set up tags so that a tag is sent whenever someone purchases something with the tag key “purchased”, and the key value being the item they purchased.

To receive notifications on a specific product purchase, you can set up your notification settings like this:

Notification Channels Available: Email, Slack, Webhook

Both new session notifications and event alerts can be sent to any available channel: Email, Slack, or Webhook:

  • Emailsend notification email to the email address specified in the notification settings.
  • Slack - send notification as a Slack message with the provided Incoming Webhook URL in Slack.
  • Webhooksend the notification to custom URL as a webhook with a JSON “payload” parameter containing the session and event details.


If you have any questions on how to get the most out of Event Alerting and Notifications, please send us an e-mail at hello@inspectlet.com!